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OrganTracker is an organ tracking and monitoring service utilizing advanced hardware, software and communications technologies. It delivers high precision GPS location, temperature, light, shock, humidity, and pressure sensors to medical organizations.


We provide all the services you need to manage, monitor, and track. At the speed of life.

Organ Tracking

Powerful platform, global communications & reusable hardware. Paired together to provide real-time quality assurance.

Donation Awareness

We work with Organ Procurement Organizations to help promote organ donation awareness.

Expert Consultants

A strong team. Solving complex problems & providing tools and resources for advanced data analytics.

Integration Support

We provide initial install support and certified training programs for all of your employees.

Logistics Management

Providing access to aviation & ground services transportation and courier service management.

24x7 Dispatching

Coming Soon! We are excited to announce this new service. Allowing coordinators to offload this tedious task.


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Deceased Donor Transplants
The donor is taken to an operating room, where organs are surgically removed. After that, the organs are sent to the transplant hospitals where candidates are waiting for them. OrganTracker monitors the organ while in transit.
Living Donor Transplants
OrganTracker provides quality assurance and visiblilty to:

OrganTracker helps organs make it to their destination and to the proper recipient.
Tissue and Blood

OrganTracker provides tracking and environmental monitoring, such as temperature, of bone, skin, heart valves, veins, and connective tissue.

OrganTracker provides tracking and environmental monitoring, such as temperature, of whole blood, plasma and platelets .
Surgical Teams and Patients
The Medical industry has many moving parts, and frequent emergency situations. OrganTracker provides highly efficient tracking solutions to know exactly where your key people are and when they will arrive.
Medical Equipment
OrganTracker provides medical device and equipment tracking devices that can be integrated into the equipment or battery-powered devices that can mount externally.

Client Testimonials.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Using OrganTracker we will be able to improve quality assurance and efficiency for our organization and employees!

    Immanuel Rasool, CPTC, Manager of Research and Living Donation Washington Regional Transplant Community
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